20 Romantic SMS To Wish a Happy New Year 2020 To Her

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Wish a Happy New Year 2020 To Her

How do I wish her happy new year ?

You are in love , you are happy because You are heading to spend the new year’s eve with your sweetheart, but you can’t wait to see her and to tell her how much you are longing to hug her. Why not sending a romantic SMS expressing the best wishes ever for the New Year 2020, While waiting to join her.

Do not bother; we are here to help you, here are 20 Romantic SMS to wish a happy new year 2020 to your soulmate. Get inspired, be Romantic and a charming lover.




1-  I wish you all the possible happiness and even more for this New Year 2020 sweetheart. May our love go through this year with lots of Romance and passion, serenity and complicity? Happy New Year, honey, love you more than anything.


2-  Surprising, pleasing and making happy the lady I love became my priorities in this life, long time ago and for the coming years I was and I will always be with you and by your side until my last breath. Happy New Year 2020, my eternal love.


3-  In a few days I will close this year,2019, in the best way ever and I will start the new one,2020, in the same nice way because you are in my life and because your love surrounds me from all sides, you are my sweet angel. May our love last forever. Happy New Year 2020, honey.


4-  Thank you sweetheart for sharing my life all these years and also for being with me for this year and for the coming years. I hope our love remains forever. You are making my life a real paradise. Happy New Year ,2020, darling. Love you .


5-  Without you, my life would be sad and monotonous, without flavor or depth. You are my rainbow, my sweet candle and my pallet of thousands of colors. Happy New Year, 2020, love you sweetie.


6-  I loved you the first day I saw you and this love did not stop since then. You are the woman of my life, my evidence, my compass and my everything. I wish you a very nice New Year,2020, Lady of my heart.


7-  I promise to make of the coming year 2020 one of the best years you have ever lived. love you more than anything. Happy New Year, sweetheart.


New Year wishes for her…


8-  You are a great lady, each day I realize the big chance to share your life and get all the happiness I longed for. Happy New Year, 2020, honey.


9-  Life has put us on the same path and since then I am the happiest of all men. Thank you for making me such a happy man. You are adorable and I love you so much. Happy new year, 2020, sweetheart.


10-   I have just a wish; to make you happy You are the are the joy and happiness that I have always heard about. May our love last longer and longer. Happy new year, 2020, lovely creature.


11-  In this message, I set all the love I feel for you to wish you a very happy new year 2020, love you more than anything, sweetie.


12-  Having you in my life is a blessing, loving you is a precious gift of life. You are my soul, you are my heart. keep up loving me as I love you babe. Happy new year 2020.


13-  A new year that we start together full of promise to happiness .I wish you a happy new year 2020.love you sweetie.


14-  Starting this New Year, 2020, with you is important for me, as it is the beginning of happiness and joy. I wish you a Happy New Year, 2020, sweetheart.


More SMS To Wish Her a Happy New Year 2020…


15-  2019, has been great by your side my love, and I am sure 2020 will be also as colorful as you wish. Happy New year, sweetheart.


16-  I promise you, that this New Year will be special. All your wishes will be realized, as you deserve all the love I give. You are mine. Be happy and wait for surprises. Happy New Year 2020.sweetie.


17-  I am so happy to wish you a  very nice New Year,2020. Waiting forward to join you and hug you tenderly darling. Love you.


18-  My only resolution is to stay with you and to love you even stronger. I hope you have the same resolution and the same desire. Love you so much. Happy New Year 2020, honey.


19-  No words can express what I feel when I think about my happiness when I realize that you are my baby. Your love is the best gift I have ever had. You are the queen of my heart. Happy New Year 2020, my beautiful butterfly.


20-  My sweetheart, I dare not imagine life without you, besides I don’t even want to think about it. Thanks to you I found my balance and I know what being happy means ,thank you for all the happiness you bring me. I wish you a very happy New Year 2020 my beloved wife .


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