20 Romantic SMS To Wish a Happy New Year 2020, To Him

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Wish a Happy New Year 2020, To Him

Wish him “A very Happy New Year 2020”

Your heart is beating and your soul is shining because you found love at last, you are lucky to meet such a great man. You are going to join him for the New Year eve in a couple of days. It is still long time isn`t it ? So why don’t you send a romantic SMS to your man to let him know that you are longing to be with him and to wish him a Happy New Year, 2020 ?

You are leading a happy life with your man; let him know that you care, make a surprise send him a Romantic SMS to wish him a Happy new year 2020.

Here, you have a variety of SMS for him, just choose the one that is closer to your feelings.




1-  My love, bear in mind that you are as precious as my soul and my heart to me. You are the man of my days and my nights, of my dreams and my life. I can’t wait to see you and to whisper in your ears I LOVE YOU. Happy New Year, 2020, my love.


2-  One of the best things that happened to me is our Meeting .Since then and thanks to you and to our love I became a happy woman. Thanks to you I live new sensations, nice emotions and incredible feelings. Love you and long to join you soon. Happy New Year 2020, my eternal love.


3-  I tried many times to make nice metaphors and to find out perfect sayings to describe our love, but in vain; our love is so strong and so unique. You and I is an evidence. I wish you a happy New Year 2020 .love you


4-  Your smile and your presence in my life are enough for me to be happy, for me you are unique. I will never be able to live without you .I love you more than anything. Happy New Year, 2020, my eternal love.


5-  I miss you and I cannot wait to hug you .come to me quickly ,let’s celebrate the new year, 2020, together just you and I.


6-  I am so happy that I don’t know where I finish and where you start .together we make one. you are my man and my everything. Happy New Year 2020, my love.


7-  From morning to evening, from evening to morning I think about you. I tried to stop and have a rest but in vain .you are like a picture that doesn’t move. I love the love we have for each other and pray that it lasts forever. Happy New Year 2020 my babe.


8-  When you are not here, I feel this lack, this emptiness that seizes me. without you my world is gray, monotonous and tasteless. I am so happy to share your life. Thank you for this great love. Happy New Year, 2020, my love forever.


9-  You are the man who has been able to erase my past sufferings and to wipe my tears. You made me discover love, true love I mean. Your love is a must for my happiness. Happy New Year 2020, Babe.


10-  With you, life is fluid and without pitfalls, full of little nothings and beautiful surprises that make me happy. My only wish is that lasts forever. Happy New Year 2020, my love.


Romantic Happy New Year Wishes  for your Boyfriend or husband.


11-  Loving you is like breathing, I cannot stop because it is necessary for my survival. It would be like not living anymore. Until we meet on December 31, let me wish you a happy New Year 2020. May our love last forever


12- I know how much you love surprises, that’s why I am sending you this message to wish you a happy New Year 2020. Can’t wait to see you and hug you Babe in two days’ time to celebrate the new year together. Love you.


13-  We are already happy together, each day I love you more and more. May the year 2020 bring us more opportunities and success in all fields especially in love and health. Happy new year my soulmate.


14-  My dear love, here is a new year coming and we are still happy together after many years of being together. We both know that each year is a new beginning of new hopes and expectations of nice things. Happy New Year,2020, honey.


15-  Honey, you bring out the best in me, I feel good when I am with you and wanted to thank you and to wish you a very happy New Year 2020. Love you Babe.


16-  When I wake up in the morning you are the first person I think of, and knowing that it is mutual drives me crazy about you. Thank you for this love and happy New Year 2020 Babe.


17-  You became my pillar, my referent, a shoulder against which to cry. I am longing for our meeting on December 31 and until then I send you my sincerest wishes for the New Year 2020. Love you Babe.


18-  I think about you in this end of the year 2019 and I dream of our meeting to celebrate the New Year’s Eve on December 31. Our dream became true and our love shines over our heads. Happy New Year 2020, my love.


19-  You are making of me a happy woman, your love added a lot to me. I wish this New Year, 2020, will also be ours as the previous years and will bring more reinforcement to our relation. Take care and join me quickly to celebrate 2020`s eve together. Love you Babe.


20-  My love, I dare not imagine life without you, besides I don’t even want to think about it. Thanks to you, I found my balance and I know what being happy means, thank you for all the happiness you bring me. I wish you a very happy New Year 2020 my beloved husband.



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