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Love text messages i love you

Love text messages remain a good means of communication and seduction between couples, but often when you think about writing a love text message for your soul mate you can’t find what to say and what to write even if in your heart you have a lot to express.

Therefore, we offer you to read and take your inspiration from these wonderful 2019 love text messages.


Love text message N° 01 :

Without you, my love, I am dying. I am totally helpless before your love that gives me wings and fills me with joy.


Love text message N° 02 :

In my eyes I always keep the image of your face and in my heart I always keep the sweetness of your love.


Love text messgae N° 03 :

I want to be with you to watch over your nights and cast love upon your days.


Love text message N° 04 :

Your eyes shining bright like a star, you illuminate my life and give me warmth.


05- When you are with me, I am living an adventure of happiness and sweetness. When I look into your eyes, I realize how much I love you.


06- What a delight to be together and for our loving hearts to experience the tenderness of love.


07- You are that star that shines in the distance for me and guides me with love and happiness. I want to tell you again and again I love you, my love.


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08- I am sending you this text message to tell you that I care about you and that you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I love you.


09- In my life there is one thing I am 100% sure of, it is that I love you and that I will love you forever.


10- You are everything to me, you are the only person I can count on no matter what. You are my only love.


11- My love, let me tell you all the love I have for you. You are the only person in my thoughts. I love you.


12- A love text message cannot describe all my love for you, but I love you, sweetheart.


13- “I love you” these three words took me one second to write, but it will take my whole life to prove them to you.


14- All my life I’ve waited to meet someone like you. So don’t expect me to abandon you one day! You are the most important thing in my heart! I love you!


15- How can I tell you that I love you when I love you more than words can say?


16- My love for you is like the sun. It shines, it radiates, it heats up, and it is bigger than this world.



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