Happy Mother’s Day original SMS 2020

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Happy Mother's Day

Though it is short, an SMS can make a magical effect if you send it to your mom in the Mother’s Day .

Surprise your Mother with simple and heart-touching Mother’s Day SMS! Go through our splendid SMS collection of Mothers Day and express your deep love, affection, respect and care.

30 original SMS for Mother’s Day 2020

1- Happy Mother’s Day to the sweetest of women

2- To be blessed is to have a mother like you. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

3- My mother ! I love you with all my heart. Happy Mother’s Day 2020.

4- Happy mother’s day to the most beautiful of ladies.

5- My loving Mom who made me happy. . Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

6- I offer you today a rainbow of colorful wishes to brighten up your year.

7- Mom,I appreciate you beyond reality. Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing Mom!

8- Mom, there is no word strong enough to tell you how much I love you, I think of you a lot for your party and kiss you very much.

9- Mom, you always make my day. You are my joy . Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

10- As a thank you, we should be able to offer a wreath of all flowers to the one we are celebrating today . Happy Mother’s Day2020.

11- My mom, In life, I love two things, You and the rose, The rose for one day, And you forever. Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

12- Angels in heaven and my mom on earth. Happy Mother’s Day2020

13- Mom, you are the most beautiful in the world , The face of an angel from paradise. Happy Mother’s Day2020

14- I will never be able to thank you enough for all your love and sacrifice. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

15- Mom,I wish I can take care of you as you always cared about me .You are my Queen. Happy Mother’s Day 2020

16- Happy Mother’s Day to the lady of my heart! I love you!

17- Life has given me so many things to be grateful for ,but none like you Mom. You are my whole Life!

Mothers day SMS Messages

18- My wish for you on mother’s day is that you remain healthy, happy, and lovely .

19- Thank you Mom for all the things that you do.I love you, Mom!

20- Thank you for the never-ending love and support Mom! Happy Mother’s Day 2020.

21- Mom, thank you for never letting me down! Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

22- A mother is the best gift a child could ever have. Thank you for being my own!

23- I have a perfect Mom. In my eyes and in my heart, that’s your place . Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

24- You are the light in my world that guides me through the darkness of life, Mommy I love you. Happy Mother’s Day 2020.

25- Mother, your love has shaped me in many ways. Thank you for always accepting me in my good and bad times. long life for you Mom .

26- Thank you my dear Mom for watching my back and giving me support. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day 2020.

27- There has never been a single second I haven’t been happy you were my Mom. Happy Mother’s Day 2020.

28- You are my shadow, my spirit, my influencer in this life .Nothing can substitute you. You are the best and will be forever. Happy Mother’s Day 2020

29- Your love in our hearts runs like a stream down from the hills, refreshes us and fills our hearts with security joy and happiness. Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

30- There’s no way I could ever fully express my gratitude for all you’ve done for me. Mom, you’ve always been there for us.Happy Mother’s Day 2020.

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