Love Messages for 2018

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New love messages for 2018

   Are you looking for original ideas for love messages? The best love messages for 2018 are on our website! Here’s our selection of new love messages ready to be sent to your soul mate. You will surely find one that will provide great pleasure.

New love messages for 2018



Love Message N°01: Longing to see you again…

While waiting to kiss you in reality, I send you thousands of kisses through my thoughts


Love Message N°02: You are my joy and my happiness….

There is no joy without the brilliance of your smile and there is no happiness without the softness of your hugs.


Love Message N°03: You are everything for me …

Without you, without your love, there is no life and no happiness; you are everything for me .I kiss you strongly.


Love Message N°04: You mean life for me …

You are the land that feeds me ,the water which quenches me ,the sun that warms me : you are life for me my love !


Love Message N°05: Longing to see you again…

My love, get my kisses on your soft lips to make your heart feel my love for you.i love you .


N°06: You are the present and the future time …

Living without thinking about you means living without reason and without aim! You are my present and my future time. Love You.


N°07: You mean a lot for me …

The only thing which means for me is neither money nor power; it’s the happiness of your love.


N°08: Life is empty without you …

I see life empty without you: you are the star that guides me towards happiness.


N°09: My love, my sunshine….

I will never be able to live without your love, you are the sunshine that warms my heart; you are everything for me.


N10: Before you came into my life…

I was like a dead before you came into my life, but now next to you I knew happiness.


N11: I can’t live without you ….

Living without you: means dying each day! Living without you means life without joy.


N12: You are the love of my life ….

You occupy all my thoughts, day as night, wherever I am: you are the love of my life.


N13: Burnt of desire to be with you….

My dear am burning of desire to be with you; I have a passionate love for you! Kisses.


N14 :I love you, body and soul….

My thoughts are with you, my heart and soul are with you: I love you dear


N15: I love you for all life….

I love you as I have never loved someone before, and I will love you for all my life.


N16 : A BigLlove….

My heart gets its power from the amount of love and tenderness it has for you.


N17: Come on love…

I want to hug you and cover your lips by soft kisses.


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