Message Templates For Best Wishes, 2020 For All

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Happy new year

” Happy New Year! Best wishes 2020 ! Good health, all my wishes of happiness! ”.

Here we are! The New Year is coming, and as custom dictates, the Season of Vows for the Year is open from January 1 to January 31, even if it is generally done on January 1, you can send your wishes before.
Do you need help ? Do you lack inspiration ? Whether it’s for a family member, a friend, or even a colleague, here are some message ideas to send to wish the new year 2020.
These models of wishes are also for grand parents and step – parents to separated parents, to divorced parents etc…


Message templates for wishing a happy new year, 2020 for all


Wish a happy new year to your parents

I send you all my wishes for this New Year. I wish you happiness and serenity. Thanks for always being here for me, thank you for all these years spent together. May this year 2020 be a year full of family moments to continue to fill the album with our most beautiful memories? I kiss you as hard as I love you. Very nice wishes for a happy holiday my lovely parents.
Your son/daughter who adores you


Happy New Year to my parents

Happy New Year 2020 for two people so big in my heart.
Best wishes to my dad and my mom I love with the greatest sweets.
May the new world bring you the best gifts: good health, conjugal happiness, and the affection of your children?
You are the best of parents who are. My most beautiful thoughts are for you my dear parents.
I embrace you tenderly
Your son who thinks of you …..
Your daughter who thinks of you …..


Happy New Year wishes for his son/daughter

My little heart
All my wishes of love for this New Year. I wish you realize all your dreams. I wish you health, success, benevolence and serenity more than anyone else does. May the new year2020,open before you the doors of happiness.
I kiss you tenderly
Your dad / your mom who loves you
Very good year 2020


Happy New Year to parents

Happy New Year mom and dad .By few words I want to introduce my adored parents my best wishes of happiness.
I love you with a love that can only be qualified by my gratitude.
You made me a child covered with great love since birth.


Happy New Year wishes message to grand parents

Happy New Year grandmother, best wishes grandfather
Granny and papie receive this greetings text from your little child
Greeting card for my grandma, happy New Year poem for my grandfather
A cry of heart for my grandparents who taught me about love
Best wishes of happiness and merry feast grandma and grandpa.
I love you.
Big kisses to both of you my dear grandparents


Happy New Year greeting text for stepparent

A beautiful mother-in-law, a handsome father-in-law
Best wishes for a Happy New Year 2020 to my parents-in-law whom I adore
May the New Year bring you tenderness and health!
Your son-in-law …
Your daughter-in-law ….


Happy New Year text to a divorced mom

By this little message, I present you my best wishes.
My best wishes to my mom whom I miss so much.
You are the best and the sweetest mother of the earth
May this New Year bring you the love you need and warm your cold heart?
You are a mother of love
Happy New Year 2020
Lots of love
Your daughter who loves you
Your son who loves you


Happy New Year text to a divorced Dad

My dad whom I miss so much
I think of you with affection and tenderness
My dear Daddy, I know you are alone, but destiny should have a surprise for you. May the New Year bring you the love you deserve?
You are an awesome father for me and for my brother/ sister
You are the most beautiful daddy in the world
Happy New Year 2020
Your daughter who loves you …
Your son who loves you


Happy New Year message to a friend

I send you all my wishes of friendship for this New Year. May 2020 bring you all that you hope for and that it realizes your dreams of love and happiness, and that our friendship lasts forever!
Kisses and hugs
Very good year 2020


Happy New Year wishes to a brother or a sister

My beloved sister/brother
I wish you a New Year to come full of joy, serenity, love and happiness .May this year 2020 be synonymous for both of us for this particular link, the link of blood. Be happy and enjoy life at every moment .I will be always here for you.
Very beautiful year again
Your sister who loves you ….


Happy New Year text for his/ her best friend

I am very happy to wish you once again a very beautiful year! Let 2020 be yours, that of your absolute happiness, and that of all our endless friendship, with laughter and confidences in our future unforgettable stories. Then that of love, of course, and your personal fulfillment! Live your dreams, dare all, I will always be by your side to support you! For years and years, I hope with all my heart!
I love you
Very good year 2020


Happy New Year 2020 to his colleague

I wish you easy records, hot coffee with croissants every morning and many days off .One can dream! Seriously, I send you all my wishes of happiness for this year that begins .I am delighted to work with you! Let’s go for a new year together at the office!
Very good year 2020


New Year wishes to a professional contact

My best wishes for happiness, health and prosperity for this year 2020, which begins .May it be a synonym for the ever-so-pleasant collaboration between us and bring you and your family a big joy.
Very good year

Happy New Year message for husband or wife

What more can I say for this New Year that begins between us, apart from the fact that you have already filled my life with happiness for years? May this year be another year on the way to our common future? This is only the beginning, I know it. So many projects, so many dreams to realize together. I love you as in the first day.
All my wishes of happiness my love
Very good year 2020


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