Text message templates to wish happy Easter to someone

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happy easter

You are looking for original SMS to send ? So just browse in here !

You have someone who is dear to you and you want to send him happy Easter wishes and greetings for 2020, then here you are with this selection of SMS.

Discover beautiful models of happy Easter SMS, religious texts for Easter , messages to friends, family, and children.

Send wishes of a happy Easter holiday to all people you love.

• Whishing a happy Easter holiday to a friend

May this holiday bring you joy in your heart, hope, happiness and the pleasure of finding your family in a moment of sharing and collective delight! Best Easter wishes to you my friend.

• Wishing a happy Easter holiday to parents

On this Christian holiday, the souls of believers come closer to God in the same prayer where our faith expresses his love to the eternal our creator of the heavens and the earth. Happy Easter holiday my dear parents.

Wishing a happy Easter to grandparents

Dear Grandma/ Grandpa
This beautiful religious holiday reminds us that Jesus Christ is risen; our Lord came to save us!
By the resurrection wash all our fishermen my family my friends
May this beautiful day be full of spiritualties?
May all your beautiful prayers be granted my two very dear grandparents?

• SMS to one’s friends

When it comes time for chocolate bunnies, everyone is happy!
Little children go on a hunt for eggs with a mischievous look!
Myfriends, welcome the spring of joy and the pleasure of being together!
Nature is beautiful, and will cover your existence with flowers that look like you.

Model of religious message to a Christian

After the joy of lent, abstinence and return to the essential, we are rewarded by this delicious Christian holiday that reminds us that life is stronger than death! That our life here is only transient, a transition to a more beautiful and eternal world!
Happy Easter to you and your family, so beautiful and spiritual.

Message to one’s friend

Goodweekend of Easter to you my faithful friend who cultivates so well the friendship…
Enjoy this long weekend to relax and have a good time with family!
It is in times like this that we become aware of the chance to be surrounded by people who love us! My best wishes to you and your loved ones!

Happy and funny Easter message for one’s child

My little chick
Your parents wish you a hunt for eggs very funny and full of wonderful adventures! As a valiant hunter, you will be brought back to the house full of chickens, bells and chocolateeggs!
My little rabbit do not forget to observe the beauty of nature full of spring surprises!
Your daddy and your mom who love you with all their heart.

Happy Easter for little children or nephews and nieces

Your grandparents / uncle wish you a funny and adventurous egg hunt!
May the hunt be fruitful and prosperous!
Take the time to observe nature and all its beauty of spring: the small flowers and the soft spring sun.

Text message to one’s love

To you, my love, the dearest to me, and the one who dwells in my heart and my prayers, May this day of peace be for you a spiritual retreat to refresh you!
I love you.

Best wishes of Easter to you my love

The pleasure of living together in love comes to remind us of the daily luck that our prayers to remain united will be fulfilled
Happy Easter holidays my eternal love.

Easter to a brother/sister

My great wish and desire is that you celebrate Easter with lots of joy ,thanksgiving and blessings.

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