20 Text Messages to Seduce a Girl

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Text Messages to Seduce a Girl

How do you seduce a girl by text message? Love messages are a great idea for flirting, charming and seducing a girl. You can try to change your usual flirting techniques because without imagination, love has no chance.

Discover these great flirting text messages that you can send to the girl your heart has chosen…


1- Flirting SMS

Gorgeous, give me hope that I can conquer you, I can’t believe it is but a desire.


2- Flirting SMS

If you were a flower, I would plant you outside my door so I could water you every morning and you could love me.


3- Flirting SMS

Your beautiful eyes have imprisoned me more than once, when I imagine your loving gaze, I remain dizzy, bewitched by your beauty.


4- Flirt SMS

It took my mother years to make me a man, but it took you a second to make me a madman… mad for you.


5- Flirt SMS

I’ve fallen for your gaze. I want to take your hand and declare my love for you. I fell under your spell. It is you I want.


6- Flirt SMS

When I see your eyes, it seems like nothing matters anymore. The whole world disappears; it’s just you and me.


7- SMS for flirting

They say that the truth comes from the mouths of children, do I have to be a child to tell you that I like you.


8- SMS for flirting

Know that your love, like lightning, hit my heart with the force of a boxer winning by knock out.


9- SMS for flirting

We’ve only known each other a few weeks, but I already know that you’ve won my heart. <3


10- Love acts through me… love speaks through me… love makes me special… love makes me unique… love makes me alive… and all this thanks to you…


11- You are my crush, my delicacy; for minutes and hours of pure happiness.


12- I had never experienced such pleasure; I had never experienced such a desire. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before except you…


13- I want to talk to you, to tell you how I feel about you, to finally give you my feelings.


14- Nice to have met you, I can’t help but think of you… You didn’t leave me indifferent.


15- I want you today, tomorrow, next week and forever, because I care about you.


16- I hope that one day my dreams will come true and I will wake up next to you, I really like you.


17- It is said that love drowned with the Titanic, I will dive to find it for you.


18- Hello, the flower shop! I would like the most beautiful roses, for the most beautiful eyes who will read this message.


19- Nice to have met you, I still think about you… I have had my mind elsewhere today, I can’t concentrate on my work. What did you do to me, young lady?


20- You double my joys and reduce my sorrows, you illuminate my days, you and only you.



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