Sweet Good Night Messages for The One You Love

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Sweet Good Night for Your Lover

How To Make Someone Feel Loved: Romantic Goodnight Messages For Both Women and Men.

Everybody loves to be whispered sweet nothings, as it usually gives relationships some spice. However, it can be difficult to share your feelings with the person you are in love with – to show them that you truly care. Everyone wants to be treated with the utmost respect and be given the love they truly deserve.

There are all kinds of ways in which to show someone that you care about them. However, one very popular way is to whisper or send romantic goodnight messages at the end of the night – giving them something to smile about as they go to bed. Goodnight messages are not just a way to wish someone a good night’s sleep but a way to show someone that you care a lot for them.


What Are Some Romantic Goodnight Messages For Women?


Every man is capable of romance; it’s tapping into their level of romance that is the trick. Sending the woman they are dating romantic goodnight messages is one of the easiest ways to show the lady how much they love them. What are some romantic goodnight messages you could share with your lady love?

• I found it hard to dream of you because I can’t fall asleep without you.

• You are my soulmate – my one and only – and I promise to treat you right always and forever.

• I am honored to have you choose me to be with you; just thought you needed to know once more before you sleep.

• My life was incomplete without you in it – today and the future, my life is full.

• I would do anything in my power to put a smile on that gorgeous face of yours. Good night my sweetheart.

• I still get butterflies knowing that you allowed me to become a part of your life and you are a part of mine.

• My perfect bedtime routine is one where I thank God you are in my life.

• I feel alone when we are apart and complete when we are together. You are my dream come true.

• Images of the stars in your eyes are all I need to face these lonely nights when we are apart.

• I want you to see me as the guy who can be the blanket and covers that keeps you warm throughout the night.


What Are Some Romantic Goodnight Messages For Men?


Now, it’s usually men who shoulder the responsibility of bringing spice into a relationship, but the truth is, men also want to feel important to a woman. They may not directly say it, but men also want a connection. What are some things you can say to your other half that makes them feel the romance is still alive in your relationship?

• You are my light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

• My nightmares end when you are around me.

• In the dark sky, you are my North Star.

• Think of me as you sleep and when you awake.

• It is you that puts a smile on my face every night and every morning

• Sweet dreams; I wish you were here to hold me close.

• My nightmares are no more with you in my life.

• My perfect world is one where you are with me day and night.

• I wish you could kiss me every single night.

• I love and miss you so much that when I close my eyes, I can almost feel you near me.

If you want to keep yourself on someone’s mind, romantic goodnight messages are sure to bring a smile to their face as they go to sleep and light up their face when they see it again in the morning. Show the person you are with that you care about them just as much as they care for you.


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