Best Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend

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Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend

How do you say happy birthday to a guy you love?

Birthday is usually celebrated once in a year, and it is one of your duties as his girlfriend to display and assure him that his birthday is very special to you. You can come up with plans to surprise him with gifts, go to the cinema with him and so on. However, one important thing you should never forget to do is to send him an SMS that expresses your heartfelt birthday wishes to him on this special day.

Are you thinking of the best messages to send? You can choose among the many birthday messages below, the one that best expresses your birthday wishes for him.


Happy Birthday Messages for a Boyfriend.


  • The most beautiful sound I have ever heard in this world is your voice. The most beautiful place I have ever been to being in your arms. Have a gorgeous birthday, honey!


  • My life would have been miserable if someone were the lucky one who got to hold and kiss you every day instead of me. I’ll forever be grateful that our hearts belong to each other. Happy birthday, dear!


  • Celebrating your birthday is the fulfillment of a dream. Watching you every day; blossom, cry, laugh, sing, and dance, I’ve always wished to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday to the one that captured my heart.


  • I have enjoyed every moment of the days spent with you. You will forever remain in my thoughts because you are so special to me. May your years ahead be filled with good things and endless happiness! Happy birthday!


  • You are amazing. The most beautiful person I have ever met. You are always making sure to put smiles on my faces every time. Yes, a birthday would come and go, but my love for you will forever remain. Happy birthday to you, my man!


  • Lots of love and best wishes to my handsome man, the king of my heart whom I cherished so much, and I can’t do without. There are no other things I can give you today better than the most expensive gift ever, which is my love. Have a wonderful birthday celebration!


  • I am the best boyfriend because I have the best girlfriend; I have you because you were given birth to. There are so many wonderful words to say to you on your birthday, but the most important is to let you know I love you till eternity.


  • The sparks your eyes have is beautiful and the smile you’ve got when I’m with you, it has made my heart conclude that I want to spend every birthday of your life with you. Happy birthday, dear!


  • You crowned my head with love when I met you; you gave me all I need, may your day filled with joy, life, fun and my wish today is that you increase in all ramifications — a lot of love from your love.


  • Everyone needs someone special, someone who will shower them love but I’m not cos I have my prince charming. Happy birthday to my king, have fun-filled day dear


  • My thought as I opened my eyes is I love this man celebrating his birthday today. I wish you a wonderful and fantastic birthday of your life because lots of surprises await you.


Love is a beautiful thing, and finding someone that loves you deeply makes it more beautiful, what better way to appreciate their love than to do what will make his special day a memorable day.


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