Father’s Day Text Messages

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For you my Dad


Father’s Day is the perfect day to say I love you to his beloved Dad

Find a model of message Father’s holiday or inspiration to write a beautiful SMS Good Feast Dad with words of love full of tenderness and examples of messages.
Nice texts for Father’s Day to write on a Father’s Day card. Tender words of good feast to all Dads to tell them I love you with all my heart my little dad of love.


1- For you my Dad

Today is the feast of all the Dads of the world
Today is the party and my little heart rumbles
Thank you my dear to be this good Dad for me
Your little cabbage loves you with a love as sweet as silk
To be your child is a joy of every day
To be your son is to have a life as sweet as velvet
To have you as father is to be the proudest of children
You are a cuddly dad, a kisses nest, the land of tenderness.


2- My dear Dad

For the feast of the fathers, I send you a thousand kisses
Not to mention big hugs and magic words of love
Nice words that tell you how much I love you my Daddy
Happy Father’s Day to the nicest Dad in the world!
I love you as big as the sky and the universe.


3- To a magnificent man

To a unique being
To you, the greatest of the fathers
In the life of a child, a father is a landmark.
Dad’s love and paternal protection are for him shining lights that guide his steps towards the path of self-confidence
Dear Daddy you were all that to me and more
On Father’s Day, I want to tell you once again how much I love you and how grateful I am!
Thank you for everything you brought me into existence!
Thank you for being the perfect man you are!
Thank you for being the sun of my existence!
Your beloved daughter proud to be your child.


4- My dear dad

On this day that pays tribute to you, I want to wish you the best
I want to write to you in a few words all the happiness and sweetness you represent for me
Every day I pray to God that he will keep you a long time in my life
I have always appreciated your company
You bring me so much affection and attention
Close to you I grew up in trust, security and severity
You are a wonderful head of the family!
A protective and reassuring father!
The perfect father for your child!
My Daddy, I wish you health, the richness of the soul and the peace of the interior.
Your son who loves you deeply.


5- My Daddy

Life is beautiful for who a child was lucky to have parents like you and mom
Such a beautiful united family or reign a just and good king and queen!
Both of you have rocked my childhood
Your affection, your special attention and your self-confidence made the balanced and optimistic adult that I am today
Big kisses to you my little Dad that I love and adore!
A wonderful being who I think about every day despite the distance that separates us!
I kiss you tenderly
I cover you with sweet scented kisses of the love of a happy child.


6- My best gift is you

I wanted to buy the most beautiful gifts to express my feelings for you
I wanted to give you a nice gift to please you and tell you how much I love you
I searched and searched again but no gift was good enough and strong enough to express the intensity of my gratitude!
Therefore, my darling little Dad, I chose to write to you this beautiful speech of the feast of the Dads: a text of wishes of love, which concludes simply by sincere words, which come sincerely of a child
I love you Dad and I wish you a very good feast of the fathers
Love and big kisses from your child that you made happy.


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