10 Romantic SMS For Wishing a Happy New Year To Your Love

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Romantic Wishing a Happy New Year

Best selection of Romantic SMS that will help you to say Happy New Year 2020 to your soulmate.

The 31st of December is fast approaching, unfortunately you are not going to spend this day with your love, take the opportunity to wish him/her a happy New year, 2020.

We have here a selection of Romantic SMS that will help you to see clearly what you want to say. You have just to go through the list and choose the right one or just get inspired.


10 Romantic SMS to wish a happy New year to him/her



1- You cheer me up when I am depressed, you share my joy when I am happy. You are with me in good like in bad moments of my existence. I am so lucky to be with such a great man/woman. I love you and wish you a happy New Year, 2020.


2-  Time flies but my feelings are unalterable, my love for you is engraved in my heart, your presence is necessary for my happiness. you are my everything ; my man/woman,my best friend ,my confidant and my lover. You are the one I can count upon in all circumstances. Happy New Year, 2020. Your love drives me crazy.


3-  My love, I want you to know that I am here for you in good and bad times. I like the strong man/woman you are, but also like the one who lets go of his emotions. Love you to death. Happy New Year, 2020.


4-  Already several years together, time goes quickly when with you. You are my everything, you are my man /my woman and my everything Happy New Year ,2020 , my soulmate .


5-  With you my love, I learned what it means to live fully and enjoy every moment. you taught me to see the world with happy eyes I am crazy about you. Happy New Year ,2020 Babe.


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6-  Honey, it has been a year since we said yes, and I don’t regret for a single moment to be your husband /wife. As we can’t spend the new year’s eve together this year. I am here to wish you a happy new year 2020 may our love last forever.


7-  My beloved wife /husband, you are a great woman /man who makes my daily life sweet, you are also a wonderful mother /father to our child .May the new year bring us more love ,health and success. Happy New Year 2020, my sweetheart/honey


8-  My love, I always want to be with you ,you are the woman/ man of my life. We are not going to celebrate the new year 2020 together, but we are going to meet just after and waiting forward to seeing you soon receive my best wishes for this New Year ,2020, with lots of good things and good surprises.


9-  Your presence in my life made the difference; it’s a new kind of life I am leading by your side. May all our wishes for a longer happy life come true. Happy New Year, 2020, sweetheart/honey.


10-  My only resolution is to stay with you and to love you even stronger. I hope you have the same resolution and the same desire. Love you so much. Happy New Year 2020, honey.


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