20 Original Messages Of Love

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Message of love

   Looking forward to sending a love message, a nice sms to declare your flame and to express what you feel in few words ? Here is a selection of love texts to help you write a magnificient love message for the person you are in love with.

Love message by SMS: Top 20 love messages just for you …


1-  I love you for the love you provide

I not only love you for your beauty, but for the emotions that you provide when we are together.


2- Romantic messages

I want to love you with all my heart ,and i want to feel the softness of your love.


3- Messages for lovers

I hear your voice even in silence !for me your love makes the sun and the stars invisible .


4- You are my world of love

A glance and a smile from you were enough for me to discover a wonderful world of love .


5- The poem of my life …

My life with you is a love poem which is written every day and each verse is better than the previous.


6- My world of happiness

My love, you are like a wave of happiness that makes my life better.


7- My life is nothing without you…

How would be my life today without your love ?i can’t live without you my love .


8- Love messages : i love you

To describe my feelings towards you my sweetheart there is nothing better than the word ; i love you .


9-  I want to love you

I want to see you as much as possible and love you with all my heart as sincere as possible , i want to live with you and give you all the love you need .


10-All the love i hold…

My love even though you are far from me , i send you this love message to make you feel the love i hold for you.


11- You illuminate my life

My love ,you illuminate my life as the sun does for the world ,i send you this sms to say : i love you .


12- I seek your happiness.

My love , i send you a lot of love and happiness today and all days .my hearts needs nothing but your happiness !


13- Your image is incised in my spirit

Whether my eyes are open or closed,i have just your image in my spirit and my heart ! i love you


14- You are my future

Living to love you is my life project, you cannot imagine how much i love you ?


15- I kiss you …..

I kiss you as much as there are seeds of sand in the desert . I love you .


16- An SMS full of love

I send you this sms full of love and kisses to let you know that you are always in my heart .


17- I am lucky to have you …

You are the reason for which i get up every day and face a busy day , and each day i confirm that am lucky that i have you in my life .


18- Love message for you my love

Thanks to you my love there is no hatred in my heart ! we will be together for the whole life and i will love you to infinity


19- A message for you my love …

The measurement of my love for you does not exist because i’ts above all scales


20- Our love is fusionnel…

You and i, are leading a fusionnel love ;you are my idol,my essentia land exceptional ,in my heart there is only love for you .


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