Cute Love SMS for Him or Her

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Love SMS

   Nice words are a big pleasure for hearts; so do not under-estimate their power especially in the life of a couple. That’s why we selected these love smses full og beautiful words ready for sending to your lover. Up to you choose the best that will please your love.

Sweet, Cute and Romantic Love SMS


Don’t believe that my heart can forget you !it can stop beating; but never stop loving you.


It’s while looking at the sky that i understood that i was nothing, and it’s while looking at you that i understood you were everything!


 It is said that the truth comes from children! shall i be a child to tell you i love you?


It’s in the flame of your eyes that my passion and my love grow up.


We can overcome by a sword and we can be overcome by a kiss.


The world is so small for those who are in a such big love.


 Add joys ,substract troubles, multiply by us and never divide with another. I love you.


 Let’s go for a crazy love, for a world of softness and passion.


Your hands are made for caressing me, your arms to hold me, your eyes to watch me, your body to heat me and your heart to love me.


Romantic Love SMS For Him or Her


 No one, even poets don’t know what a heart can contain but i know !i love you.


 Problems of life never stop my love for you.


A little charming pencil looking for a gentle rubber to erase everything and start writing a love story.


 My love for you is as beatiful as a flower, but as strong as the spikes that cover it.


 Ask the birds to stop tweeting, ask the streams to stop flowing, and ask the earth to stop rotating, but never ask me to stop loving you.


 When i look at your eyes, i believe that we will be happy forever.


If i were a judje and you were A suspect i would recommend you to love me eternally.


 When i am sad, i think about you as we think about sun in winter, and when i am happy i think about you as we think about shadow in full sun!


 It’s only when crows become white and the snow becomes dark that your name will be erased from my memory !


 When i see you crying i believe that diamonds are born in your eyes.


 When i saw your eyes, i wanted to write poems, but being unable i prefer to say i love you.


 When we love someone; it’s scary that we forget the others.


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Zita 8 September 2018 - 8 h 31 min

It works really well for me

Judi 22 October 2018 - 7 h 54 min

I enjoy the article

victorwayne oriyah 25 July 2019 - 11 h 09 min

great it works !!


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