Romantic SMS To Express Your Love

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romantic sms to express love

   Sending a little love text to your soul mate cannot translate love you got for her therefore, it allows to remind her to what extent you love her? Don’t keep up your feelings but share them with your soul mate. A little text can express more feelings more than we imagine.

You will find in here a variety of love texts ready to be sent.


22 Romantic texts and messages to express your love…


  I keep my love for you as a treasure so that no one can see or touch, only you; can feel it!


It’s just a text to stop for a while and say how much I love you!


 I love those nice moments that we share together! I wish that our love will be eternal.


 One of the best things that occurred in my life is you! I am lucky to be with you! Love You.


 Because I can’t hug you now?! I can just do one thing: sending you a text to express my all my love!


 Our love is like a soft dream, a fairy tale! Love You.


 You are my heart and i can’t live heartless, it’s you who give me the taste of life! Love you.


 You are the sunshine after the storm, you are the comfort after a hard working day, you are the love of my lifetime!.


 Our love is pure and strong because we built it stone by stone like a bridge that connects your heart and mine.


 I love you is a simple word but its meaning is more complex and wider than the universe! Simply I love you.


More texts and messages to express your love…


 Everyone is jealous of me because I have you in my life! Love You.


 My life is the best when you are with me, I am getting closer to you strongly!


 Allow me to love you; you bloom the Garden of my hear!.


 I have many messages for you, but the most important is: I love!


 I love the smiles that are drawn on you face and bring softness and joy and happiness to my life.


 What I like the most in this world? Is you, and no one else!


 All my thoughts are directed towards you, I can’t live without you ! Love you.


 With you, my love, I have thousands of reasons to be happy!


 My, i love you, sent by texts are waves of my heart that overflow of love for you.


 I won’t say it enough?! i love you.


 My love? it’s a nice journey that we have been together hand in hand! Love you.


You are my great love! .with you it’s always happiness.


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