18 Romantic Good Night Messages

Goodnight messages

   Sending a message of a good night to your love is a good intention that fills both your nights with softness and prepares you to spend a wonderful night full of sweet dreams where each one thinks of the other. So, if you want to send a romantic good night text; here are some cute samples to say good night mainly for lovers.

Sending a message to wish a good night to your lover is a good means to prove that you always have her in your thoughts …


♥  Good night darling, bear in mind that I love you to the point that seeing you in my dreams this night! And even in all nights till the end of my life.


♥  You are far from my heart but ill will never forget you ,as every evenning i wish you te best of nights everwth plenty of nice dreams ;miss you.


♥  Throughout this message, a kiss has just landed on your lips and end by taking you to a world of softness so that your eyes get closed for a night strewn by sweet dreams!


♥   Please my angel, think about me before you sleep and may be we will meet in a nice dream ! Good night.


♥  Far from you but under the same sky covered by stars! I strongly think about you and hope to meet you in the dreams. Have a good night my love, we meet tomorrow .


♥  My bed is really cold without your heart! My pillow though soft; cannot replace your softness!
Wish to cross you in my dreams! Kiss you strongly!


♥  A little message to tell you, this evening, how much I love you and how much i am lucky to have you in my life! Good night, love you.


♥  I send you this message loaded by love and tenderness to wish you the sweetest night ever! Sleep well; love you.


♥  When i close my eyes before i sleep ,i see your face ,your smile and i remember the best moments we spent together ;this allows me to spend a very good night! Have a sweet night darling .love you.


♥  When the night deletes the light of the day, and when the moon enlightens us softly, i don’t forget to wish you a sweet night my love!


♥  The stars say good night to you, the Jasmine flower perfumes your bed, and my heart says I love you forever!


♥  Unfortunately, I am not by your side this night, but I send this message to wish you sweet dreams!


Romantic Good Night SMS


♥  Harry up to sleep to find me because I will dream of your kisses and softness.


♥  In this sweet night, let me rock your sleep by a soft ad sweet murmur: good night my love


♥  Don’t be late for sleeping to join me in the dreams.


♥  In the calm and silence of this night i have to kiss you and say good night my love.


♥  Life is hard when I am far from you, good night my love …


♥  I couldn’t sleep before saying good night darling, have sweet dreams.



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Russel Franceschi 6 March 2018 - 6 h 49 min

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Soundoss 9 August 2018 - 18 h 16 min

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Soundoss 10 August 2018 - 15 h 24 min

Russel Franceschi, thank you so much. Though it’s late!! I do invite you to go through the other titles.. Your opinion means for me…. Thousands of thanks again

Ulysses Ahalt 24 October 2018 - 8 h 25 min

Thanks for sharing this information..have shared this link with others keep posting such information..


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