Don’t let anti Valentine’s Day win!

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Don’t let anti Valentine’s Day win!

Some people are resistant to Valentine’s Day, its symbols and its traditions. As soon as a pretty card adorned with hearts and a cupid is placed under their noses, they make faces. To believe them, Valentine’s Day is just a commercial celebration invented to make us spend money. To believe them too, it would be just as well to celebrate love every day of the year rather than to mark it once a year. Yes but … let’s not let them say! Here are some arguments to prove to these spoilers that Valentine’s Day has something to defend itself!

Valentine’s Day is an authentic celebration

To all those who claim that Valentine’s Day is just a purely commercial holiday, our article on the origins of this holiday should provide some food for thought. Indeed Valentine’s Day is a survival of ancient pagan rituals – which had absolutely nothing to do with commerce – and this holiday has existed in France in its current form as a feast of lovers since 1496! Admittedly, the consumer society then took hold of the phenomenon, but you do not have to go through the “buy gift” box to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A love poem, for example, is a 100% personal, unique gift, and

Anti Valentine’s Day letter to his sweetheart

Don't let anti Valentine's Day win!

My love,
You often heard me say that Valentine’s Day was nothing but commercial, that you have to love each other every day and not just on February 14, that little hearts are stupid and that pink is cheesy. Yes I know, I said all that but today I regret it, because even if at my caustic sentences you laughed and nodded, I felt that the Blue Flower which slumbers at the bottom of you was disappointed. And that made me think, yes, I thought about it often. I thought, thought … and I realized That it’s this pretty blue flower that I’m in love with Without your romanticism you would be less mine. So I will not go to an agreed gift to sacrifice tradition, But I’m going to mark this date to prove to you that my love is stronger than my prejudices, And I’m going to wish this Valentine’s evening. Be sweet, and beautiful, and romantic, And that we pass it together, the eyes in the eyes.

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