A Happy Valentine’s Day card for his tender half

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A Happy Valentine's Day card for his tender half

Celebrate love every day, why not?

If there is one attractive idea, it is that of celebrating love every day, instead of reserving small attentions for the only day of February 14. Only here, if in theory this idea fills us, in practice it is rarely applied. Do a quick survey of your friends around you: how many women regularly receive a bouquet of flowers from their lover? How many receive a daily message of love?

One day a year to think of covering with flowers or sweet words the chosen one of its heart, it is a minimum, and let us say it plainly: it is a chance that the signs and the media encourage us to celebrate love on February 14, otherwise it’s a safe bet that many women would spend the year without a single bouquet! So, let’s be clear: only the champions of daily attentions will be exempt from Valentine’s Day! For the others, no excuse will be accepted

10 of the best Valentine’s Day messages to your love

With your flowers, your cards, and your feathers, do not be shy, warm the hearts of your loved ones for a milder winter. Happy Valentine’s day.

1- A Very happy Valentine’s Day to the most important person in my heart and my life. I kiss you with all my love and passion.

2- All locks in the world have keys that match them. Difficult to find the right key when there are billions  at its disposal. In my life, I have had an exceptional chance. Winning the lottery would even have been easier! Indeed, I found the perfect key for the lock of my heart! I love you and wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

3– For the world, you are only one person, but for me, you are the world. Happy Valentine’s day.

4– Lots of love and joy to you, darling, on this day when my heart seeks only your happiness. I love you. Happy Valentine’s day !

5- Spending my life with you is like watching an endless romantic comedy. I love you. Happy Valentine’s day!

6- One day, I had a dream where I met a unique being who made sense of my life. The day I had this dream, my eyes met yours. Happy Valentine’s day.

7- This short message, dear husband, even if it does not say everything, would still bring you a supply of happiness that will last all year! Happy Valentine’s day.

8- To make you, dear, happy as much as I am. Allow me to bring you wishes of all kinds that will make this day a love party! Happy Valentine’s day.

9- There are wonderful beings on earth who deserve to be always happy. It is to one of them that I offer here my best wishes, freshly picked for Valentine’s Day.

10- My love, you gave me the most beautiful thing in the world, two wonderful children, a girl and a boy who are the proof that our love is indestructible. Happy Valentine’s day.

With your flowers, your cards, and your feathers, do not be shy, warm the hearts of your loved ones for a milder winter. Happy Valentine’s day.

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