The most inspiring Valentine’s Day text messages

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valentine’s day card

If you have found yourself buying the traditional flowers and chocolates for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, it is probably time for you to consider adding something extra. One way you can do this is by putting into writing your true feelings in a customized card.

However, it will be quite insincere to overlook the fact that not all of us have a way with words and this is more particularly so when such messages require romantic undertone or convey ideas of love. As a result of this, we are providing our readers with nice concepts and examples adaptable for such occasions. The best thing we can hold onto in this life is one another and, as such, do not let those wonderful feelings of yours go unexpressed.

❤️ it Romantic

As expected, most valentine messages and wishes will be romantic. Therefore, you can consider some of the few examples below as a guide to creating your own. In addition, you could make such messages brief. The important thing is the idea being passed across with the wish or message.

” Happy Valentine’s Day my love, my heart, my life. You are my forever Valentine.”

” The longer we stay together, the closer we become. I am so happy we found each other. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

” Many ladies need red roses, a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine to feel romantic. I need only you…”

❤️ Appreciating Your Lover

A valentine message to your romantic partner does not necessarily have to be all about the emotions, the passion and the feelings you experience. Sometimes, you can just use it as an avenue to thank them for the support and companionship they have provided you along the way. For instance, check the examples below:

” Thank you so much for making my life such an awesome place. Happy Valentine’s Day”

” I feel so lucky to have met you. You are my rock and my best friend.”

” Thank you for making me feel loved and protected. I forget everything when I am in your arms. Happy Valentine’s Day”

” Thank you my rock for always being there. I appreciate you”

” The most awesome thing about my world is sharing it with you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love”

❤️ Valentine’s Day Messages for Friends

When you talk about love, the first thing that comes to the mind of a lot of people is the amorous type. But love extends beyond this. It can be platonic, familial, etc. Therefore, appreciating your friends on Valentine’s Day is definitely a good thing. In doing this, you can consider some of the short examples below as concepts for creating your own:

” Great friends are just like stars. You might not always see them, but you understand they are there always…”

” Wishing a person close to my heart a wonderful, warm and glorious day. Happy Valentine’s Day”

” This is a wish for Valentine’s Day just as sweet as you are…”

” May your life be filled with all kinds of positivity, heartfelt beauty, and camaraderie.”

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