The most impressive Text messages for Break Up

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It does not matter how much you love someone, sometimes, you are not meant to be with . Breakups happen all the  time;there could be various reasons why it happens. It can happen to you or anyone who is close to you. There is no relationship that is permanent and that does not mean that it must be taken for granted. Sometimes, you are always worth more.

So, maybe you are having a tough time maintaining a love relationship and are thinking of doing a breakup, that means that you must have started looking for the breakup messages online. These messages are the best way to express your pain and what you are going through during a sad time.

A message can also express your feelings towards the other person which could be your boyfriend, your girlfriend or a friend who might be suffering from a breakup. You can always tell the other person why you are wanting a breakup and how you really want it to end.

There is no need to be harsh when you can end things sometimes in a polite manner. Here are some of the breakup messages for you that you can use.

 08 of the most heartfelt  text messages for breakup :

1- I am sure that you and I never thought of tomorrow without each other. But sometimes, life is there and it has other plans for us. It is not that I blame you but what can i blame is our fate.

2- My heart is really shattered and my eyes are weeping as we are saying goodbye to each other. May you have all the happiness in the world that i could not give to you.

3- It is possible that i va forget your face someday and can even forget what was your name. What I can never forget the memories that we made with each other.

4- Life is strange that how quickly we can become strangers to one another. It just seems like we never loved each other for a moment.

5- Time is a great healer and it is going to heal our broken hearts. although , what can never be erased are the memories that we made with each other. Our paths may be divided but my love for you is always going to remain the same.

6- You were my heart and now you are going to put a hole in my heart. I do not know if I could ever fill that hole with anyone’s love and trust. My whole life was you and now I feel like my whole life was just a lie.

7- It could be the hardest time for you my friend and I know that you might be sad. But you just know that you have to be brave and face the world on your own. I know you are going to find someone better.

8- Maybe we were not meant to be together this time but you must know that I am always there for your ups and downs of life. Remember, I am here and you can always ask for help.

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