Quotes of Sadness about Lost Love

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Sadness about Lost Love

When you read aphorisms and sad phrases about life and love, you realize that it’s not just with you that it has happened. Quotes from great people are an opportunity to look at things a bit from the other side.

1- “ One resigns oneself to losing a love for a reason; You can never forgive yourself for losing it without any reason. ”

Milan Kundera.

2- “ Pleasure of love lasts only a moment, sorrow of love lasts a lifetime. ”

Jean-Pierre Florian.

3- “ O power of tears! it is probably the most powerful of all the traits of love! ”


4- “ Why, like objects, does not exist an office of lost and found loves? ”

Pierre Dac.

5- “ Even when you’ve lost it, the love you’ve known leaves you with a taste of honey. Love is eternal! ”

Edith Piaf.

7 Proverbs on Lost Love

To forget the lost love, we have a lot of effort to overcome this feeling. Above all, we must stop torturing ourselves and continue to live.

1- Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and dies of a tear.

2- Friendship sometimes ends in love, but rarely love in friendship.

3- Love passes, pain remains.

4- Never let an old flame burn you twice.

5- Having a broken heart is a good sign. It means that we have tried something.

6- In the war of love, the winner is the one who flees.

7- Finding the rare bird is a wonderful expression for searching for the lost object.

Quotes about Finite Love

If your love is over, rest assured, another love will come. You just have to wait a bit and keep your heart open:

“ A heartache lasts only until the next love. ”

Pierre Perret.

“ He loved death, she loved life. He lived for her, she died for him. ”

William Shakespeare.

“ Everything has to end. We don’t know where. Even if it is not necessarily written: It ended here. Do we display on the last rung of a ladder: This is the last rung. Do not set foot beyond? ”

Haruki Murakami.

“ There is no end, there is no beginning, just an infinite love of life.’’

Paulo Coelho.

“ We end up surviving, we never forget, the pain is always lurking deep in our hearts, but we end up surviving. ”

Guillaume Musso.

“ It’s only when you risk losing someone that you realize how much you care, how much you need it and how much you love it. ”


“ I do not know where this sense of urgency came from. No doubt I was in a hurry to get away from it all, to be done with the sadness, with the sorrow of the lost loves. ”

Stephenie Meyer.

“ Love is the infinite within reach of poodles. ”

Louis Ferdinand Céline.

“ It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. ”

Alfred Lord Tennyson.

“ Love is a moving principle. We always end up going around the other. The principle of dissatisfaction of oneself that pushes you towards the other. Then the dissatisfaction of the other pushes you towards another. ”

Helene Grémillon.

10 Sad Quotes about Missed Love

In a feeling of missed love that has disappeared, there is a kind of resentment, regret and even anger. How to face the difficulties of life, how to survive separation or indivisible love?

1- “ A prolonged absence sometimes empties the love of all substance. ”

André Maurois.

2- “ Love is a powerful lord who keeps his land; it is only in his absence that one can catch game. ”

Louis de Montchamp.

3- “ Large paunchies accompany lean brains; and if succulent foods enrich the body, they ruin the intelligence. ”

William Shakespeare.

4- “ There is no love that resists absence. ”

Anatole France.

5- “ The absence of the being we love is boredom that nothing can dispel. ”

Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni.

6- “ Lack of love is the greatest poverty. ”

Mother Teresa.

7- “ The absence is to love what the fire is to the wind: it extinguishes the little one, he lights the big one. ”

Roger de Bussy-Rabutin.

8- “ Love is like a white garment, you have to be careful to keep it that way. ”


9- “ It’s very young and it does not know, only for lovers .. Alas, life is disgusting, one day love breaks. ”


10- “ Love is the infinite within reach of poodles. ”

Louis Ferdinand Céline.

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