The Most Touching Text Messages and SMS for Missing Love

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I miss you

It is just not possible to lead a happy life when is partner is away from you. This is so because you love your partner so much. The partner is the one who stays beside you when there is no one else. All the happiness, joys and sorrows that you share with them is something special.

They are obviously the most special ones in your life and which is why they deserve the special things from you. One must always take care of their spouse and a little more when they are not with you and are away at a long distance.

The one thing that you must never stop doing is to tell them how much you love them and how much you miss them. It is very difficult to lead normal lives when they are away from you. But, you can always tell your wife, your husband, boyfriend or girlfriend how much you miss them and how difficult it is to lead your life without them.

Send them the sweetest text to reduce the distance between you two. Here are some of the best collection of messages for your partner when you are missing them the most.

Text Messages for Missing Love

  • You are the gift of life and my better half. At every beat of my heart, I can feel you. There is no meaning of life without you because it is me who misses you each and every moment.
  • Maybe I am unaware of what is love and maybe I do not know happiness as well. I only know you and know that i feel bad when you are away from me. I miss you, I miss your touch.  My hubby. Your wife misses you like crazily.
  • It is very hard to live the life when you are away at work or a meeting. We used to spend all our time together in each other’s companies. I miss that time like i miss you today.
  • I am stopped because the time has stopped as there is no life without you. Please come back to me my love as I am going crazy without you. I miss you too badly.
  • Although the sun is up but when you are not here, there is no meaning of days and nights. I just cannot take it anymore. I am missing your morning kisses and hugs. Miss you too much my dear wife.
  • Every morning I open my eyes I just want to see you face. Your sweet face and your charming smile are my lucky charms. But now the home feels empty and so are my days without you. You hubby is missing you very much.
  • I just cannot imagine the days when you are not with me and yesterday was the day when you took off for your work. Although, it has been just a day but it felt like a year for me. Please come back soon my hubby. Your wife is waiting for you.
  • It has come to this when I realise that I cannot survive another moment without you. My queen I I miss you so much today.

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