I miss you my love !

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I miss you my love

Your relationship was not looking good and your partner left you. At the start, you surely tried to fix things, work on your problems … but that didn’t change anything! You just have to admit the inevitable: your relationship is over ( at least for the moment, who knows what the future holds! ).

Your heart is broken, you are sad and lost and you miss him dearly. Here is a selection of 20 text messages and love quotes that you can send to your ex to let them know how much they miss you. After all, maybe this way your lover will become aware of what he or she still represents for you today.

Here is a selection of text messages and love quotes to tell your ex or loved one what it means to you!

1- When you feel the lack of a person, it is your heart that sends you a signal: you are really in love.

2- The hardest part is not talking to the person you confided in every day.

3- Every day I fight with myself: I fight not to call or write to you. I tell myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would.

4- I’m sorry for always wanting to talk to you. I’m sorry to be sad when you take too long to answer, I’m sorry if I say things that make you angry sometimes. I’m sorry that you don’t want to talk to me as much as I would like to … I just miss you! I miss you so much that it hurts!

5- After all this time apart, I miss you.

6- It is said that time heals everything but, for me, each day is more difficult because the more time passes, the more I think of you.

7- I miss you like the sun misses flowers in the middle of winter.

8 – I wonder if I miss you as much as I miss you.

9- I thought I could live without you, but now that you’re gone, I miss you so much!

10- Nothing can create a feeling of emptiness as much as the fact that I miss you.

Text messages : I miss you my love.

11- Hearing the words “I miss you” from someone you love is the best feeling in the world.

12- Someone asked me if I miss you. I didn’t answer anything. I just closed my eyes and walked away, mumbling, “so much!”

13- I miss you. Not in a honeyed way, like, “How about we hold hands? Or “let’s be together forever”. I simply miss you! I miss your presence and your friendship too.

14- “I miss you”, that means that a part of me is missing.

15- Even if I miss you right now, I know you will be back soon. I look forward !

16- Even if I spend the whole day with you, from the moment you leave, I will miss you.

17- heard someone whisper your first name, I turned around and I was alone. I realized that it was my heart that called you!

18- I miss you even before you are gone.

19- Of course I miss you. That’s all I think about, all day.

20- Time goes by so long when you miss the person you love.

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