20 Quotes of Regret on Lost Love

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Regret on Lost Love

For broken hearts here are some of the beautiful sad quotes of lost love. Hope you like this compilation of lost lovethem!

1- “  The hottest love has the coldest end. ”


2- “  There is something beautiful in all the scars of nature. A scar signifies the evil that the evil is no longer there, that the wound is closed and healed. ”

Harry Crews

3- “  Every broken heart cried out at one point or another, “Why don’t you see who I really am? ”

Shannon L. Alder

4- “  To want to forget someone is to think about it all the time. ”

Katherine pancol

5- “  It is impossible to love a second time what one has really ceased to love. ”

François de La Rochefoucauld

6- “  The absence of the loved one leaves behind a slow poison called forgetfulness. ”

Claude Aveline

7- “  I’m starting to learn to live without you but I do not know how to live without our memories. ”

8- “  A whole person keeps hope for happiness, even if it is deceptive. Love is unthinkable without hope. ”


9- “  Love feeds on hope, always ready pleasures are not to his liking. ”


10- “  When there is no chance, there is still hope. ”

Jean-Michel Ribes.

Quotes of Regret on Lost Love

11- “  Love, as well as fire, can not subsist without a continual movement, ceases to live as soon as it ceases to hope or to fear. ”

La Rochefoucauld.

12- “  It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all. ”

Samuel Butler.

13- “  A desperation for love is eternal only if one dies right away. ”

Jacques Deval.

14- “  Hope is a loan made to happiness. ”

Joseph Joubert.

15- “  Hope is the only good of those who no longer have it. ”


16- “  Desire is an inclination of the heart, hope a confidence of the spirit. ”

Etienne de Jouy.

17- “  Life always gives us a second chance called tomorrow. ”

Paul Fort.

18- “  The expectation of joy is almost equal to joy. ”

William Shakespeare.

19- “  Hope, the flower of sorrow that promises a beautiful fruit, opens up as many times as a cold wind destroys it. ”

Louis Belmontet.

20- “ Power of tears! it is probably the most powerful of all the traits of love! ”

Jacques Cazotte.

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