10 Original Text Messages and Wishes for A New House

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welcome new house

Moving into a new home is always a scary and hectic time and seeing our friends go through it always makes us wish we could help. And whether we do the physical work and help them carry their furniture in or just wish them well, it’s always nice to have some moral support.

Here are some ideas of messages you could send you friends to congratulate them on this new and exciting step in their life!

Text Messages and Wishes for A New House

1- I remember when we used to hang out in your room and talk. Now we’ve got an entire house to do that, can you believe it? And since I’ll be constantly inviting myself over, I figured I’d start by helping you move. Seriously, let me know, I can put together a chair with the best of them. Oh, and yay for your new house!

2- They call it a house warming, but I’m sure your house doesn’t really need that, as you are the warmest, kindest person that I know. Still, if you want to throw a party, I’m not against it! Congrats on the new house!

3- Wishing you merriment and laughter inside your new abode. May it always shine with light and love and may it be the setting of plenty of good times! Congrats!

4- A house becomes a home through the laughter and the memories, the good and the bad, the sleepy mornings and the sleepless nights, the joy, the parties, the people, the evenings spent in just eating cold pizza. And I hope your new house will have all of these! Congratulations!

5- This is such an exciting moment. I know how much you’ve waited for this moment and I’m really happy for you. May you spend many happy years in your new home and please let me know if I can help with anything!

6- Congratulations, it’s a home! Now you’ve got about a billion bills to look forward to, weeks of a messy ‘still unpacking’ house, endless laundry and dust and oh, the leaks! All in all, you’ll have a wonderful time in your new house. Congratulations!

7- Moving into a new house is more than a mere exciting moment, it’s the beginning of a new phase in your life. It’s setting up the stage for good memories and happiness, for parties and times spent with your loved ones. And I hope your new home has plenty of each. Hooray!

8- I hope the settling in comes easy and that the unpacking doesn’t get too messy! I am so happy for you and your new home and I bet you will soon have it ringing with jokes and merriment. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

9- You’ve waited for this moment a long time. A house to call your own, but remember, that does not make a home. Home is where your friends are, where you make memories and where you can rest when you grow tired. Never forget this. Congratulations on the new house!

10- Inside these walls,
I hope you find treasure
May they see naught
But joy and leisure,
May they bring memories
Of laughter and pleasure,
And may there always be drinks,
You know, just for good measure.

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