6 Best Halloween Invitation Wording Ideas

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Best Halloween invitation wording ideas

Invitation Wording Ideas for Halloween

To party in the company of well-chosen friends, Halloween is an ideal date. An invitation to do for Halloween, but no text ideas? Do not panic you will find here all the texts to make your guests shudder, and invite them to spend a horrible evening! Witches, brooms, monsters and evil elves hide between the lines ready to smile or to ask you for a candy to let you live. Come and serve you Here are some ideas of texts to send to your guests to invite them to your Halloween party.


Invitation 1: The Halloween menu

“On Halloween, I decided to gather an assembly of witches, demons and monsters on October 31st at 8:30 pm. There will be plenty of good things to eat: snail mousseline on a bed of paws, ant egg omelets, dandelion cake with clopoerte, all washed down with a juice of honeycombs. Knowing your love of the gastronomy, I thought it might interest you. It will make you also a good opportunity to get out of your coffin!
If you are a candidate, give me your answer before the 28/10
Lots of love
Your friend Joseph ”


Invitation 2: A frightful evening

A moonlit night, a deserted neighborhood, a dog screaming in the distance … But who can knock on the door,
These Halloween monsters invade the house! Screaming pumpkins, crooked nose witches and zombies fresh out of their graves will make you spend an unforgettable evening of horror! Come and enjoy our stuffed lizard tail, donuts or spiders. The famous rats marinated in viper juice … A delight !
The monstrosities have made an appointment on October 31 at 20:30 at my home. Do not be late!
Your friend Natasha


Invitation 3: Pumpkins Festival

To celebrate the monsters, witches and ghosts out of the ages for Halloween, we invite you to come and make your own pumpkin at home on October 25 at 4 pm at our home in the 5th avenue. Everything will be provided: the model, the pumpkins, the lanterns to decorate them … Give free rein to your imagination and the surplus will make an excellent pumpkin soup to comfort you during the long winter evening. Let’s get ready for Halloween
An evening orange color, assuredly
Georgina and frank


Invitation 4: An eve full of sweets

The monsters will disembark!!! Come and fight them on our doorstep, and repel them with sweets.
Halloween will be memorable!
Appointment at the farm of Devils on October 31st from 20 pm for a monstrous vigil until the evil spirit and other elfs of the night ….
Your friends Linda, Sam, Monica, Robert


Invitation 5: The dark forces

In this Halloween evening, everything goes wrong at home: the clock rings without warning, the radio turns on alone, the carpet seems to slip slowly … What is happening?
I propose you come and discover the terrible secret that acts these walls. Evil forces, witches from beyond the grave, you will have to rub to those who come out of the shade. They wait for you at the cabin of the green mountain the 31 October at 8 pm to reveal their secrets.
Your friend


Invitation 6: Squeaking in the attic

heey heey
Do you hear those squeaks in the attic? These curtains that move in the wind? Strange events are preparing …..
Quickly run to greet the Halloween monsters who have met at home. Prepare your sweets, put on your masks and ride on your witch brooms, the plane threat ….
Go to our home at the old alley of Soratta on October 31 at 20.30
Hurry up!
Aline and Sandra


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