Quotes on the future and time

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The future is a story that remains to be written on the page of our life, since the future is what is to come, which does not exist yet in the present. We can project our future, but we cannot predict what will happen in the future unless we consult a clairvoyant, which would be irrational because the future is in perpetual change. And if a mysterious power directs our destiny, it remains only to be guided and enjoy each passing day, right? According to Louis Blanc: “Fate does not like being forced to hand,” then the future will tell us whether we must follow his advice or if we can instead make it take another direction, as we say to take his destiny into his own hands.

Inspirational Quotes On The Future and Time

“ There are days, months, endless years when almost nothing happens, there are minutes and seconds that contain a whole world. ”

Jean d’Ormesson

“ The past and the future, these two halves of life which one never says and the other always says. ”

Alphonse de Lamartine

“ There is nothing that goes faster than years. ”

Leonardo DeVinci

“ I prefer to live in optimism and deceive myself, to live in pessimism and always be right.”

Jean-Michel Guenassia

“ The world belongs to the optimists, the pessimists are just spectators. ”

François Guizot

“ Three ideals enlightened my way and often gave me the courage to face life with optimism: goodness, beauty and truth. ”

Albert Einstein

“ There would be something to make happy with all the happiness that is lost in this world. ”

Duke of Lévis

“ Happiness is a delicious fruit that is only made to grow. ”

Nicolas Restif de La Bretonne

“ Happiness does not consist in acquiring or enjoying, but in wanting nothing, for it consists in being free. ”


“ It’s time to introduce the religion of love. ”

Louis Aragon

“ There is no need to make the Earth a paradise: it is one of us, to adapt to live in it. ”

Henry Miller

“ The most lost of the days is when we did not laugh. ”

Sebastien Roch Nicolas de Chamfort

“ To conquer one’s joy is better than to surrender oneself to sadness. ”

Andre Gide

“ Behind the troubles and the vast sorrows Who charge their foggy existence with their weight,Happy whoever can from a vigorous wing To move towards the bright and serene fields; ”

Elevation – Charles Beaudelaire

“ The poet remembers the future. ”

Jean Cocteau

“ The time of men is eternity folded. ”

Jean Cocteau

Quotes On The Future and Time

“ The beginning is much more than half of the goal. ”


“ the future torments us, the past holds us back. It is for these reasons that the present escapes us ” .

Gustave Flaubert

“ The difference between a dream and a project is a date. ”

Walt Disney

“ It is often said that time heals wounds. Injuries remain intact. With time, our mind regains these bandages to protect us better. The pain diminishes, but it never disappears. ”

The beautiful proverbs

“ The future belongs to those who dream too much. ”

Grand Corps Malade Meet.

“ We live the prehistory of the future. ”


“ Other times, other customs and other systems. ”

Italian proverb; Italian proverbs, sayings and expressions (1826)

“ Time will provide the means. ”

French proverb ; The dictionary of French proverbs and idioms (1827)

“ What we do not do, time does. ”

Norman proverb; The proverbs and sayings of Normandy (1985)

“ Time that rises at night, lasts little when the day shines. ”

Cevenol proverb; The collection of meteorological and agronomic proverbs of the Cevennes (1822)

“ The red sky at the end of the day, the good weather predicts the return. ”

Cevenol proverb; The proverbs and sayings of the Cevennes (1864)

“ It takes time as it comes, men for what they are, and money for what it is worth.’’

French proverb ; The flower of French proverbs (1853)

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