Congratulatory Messages for a Birth

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Congratulatory Messages for a Birth

The birth of a newborn baby in a small or a large family is always a pleasant and memorable moment, filled with joy and unforgettable emotions, the arrival of a new little family member will remain engraved in the memory not just parents but all the family. There is no more beautiful news! So, let’s make this event even better by adding a collection of beautiful birth congratulatory messages to send to new parents for the birth of their baby to share their joy and to experience these emotional moments more closely with them.

Congratulatory text examples of a baby’s birth

  • Congratulations to you young mom and daddy! You are now a family, a family all cute and so admirable! Looking forward to meeting you with your little angel dear ones! Tender kisses for you three!
  • The Newborn is here! Congratulations young parents! Welcome to this little being too cute but also to the many magical powers! Yes, baby will know with one shot, one, reduce your days, and make your nights longer, hollow out your bank account but it does not matter because it is he who will enlarge your love and who will make you forget all the past and give you hope in the future! This nice message is to say congratulations for this new gift .
  • Congratulations to you two lovers! What a nice surprise today to learn that your little treasure is born! I am sure you will be the happiest by the arrival of this little prince/ss and the most caring of all parents!

Congratulations for the birth of a girl

  • Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! May her life be made of laughter, songs, joy, and discoveries!
  • A little fairy has come into your home: take great care of her and she will be able to make each day a wonder constantly renewed! Congratulations to your family!”
  • This newly born baby girl is very lucky to have parents like you: loving, caring and caring, and receive our sincere congratulations!
  • You must be thrilled and proud to be the parents of such an adorable little girl, and accept our best wishes for this happy event!
  • Life has given you a real treasure: this little concentrate of love and tenderness will brighten up your days with new and unforgettable emotions. Congratulations!

Congratulations on the birth of a boy

  • Baby has finally arrived! This little boy is now part of your family, seeing it grow and flourish will be for you, his parents, a source of wonder to no other comparable Congratulations!
  • This is a Boy, warm congratulations! This little man who has just been born will make you experience, it is certain, the joys and the pride of being parents.
  • We are delighted to hear the birth of your little boy; this little being came into the world so that your heart could overflow with love and affection.
  • You will see how this little boy will come to make you smile or cry with joy, to amaze you and to soften you all at once! Warm greetings to the whole family!
  • Welcome to (first name)! Let life be sweet to him, in this cocoon of love and tenderness which you will certainly know how to surround him! Congratulations to the happy parents!

A congratulatory text message from an Aunt/Grandma

  • Having a newborn, a new member who comes to be part of our family is really wonderful. It will give you parents meaning in life, it will make you happy and teach you how to love each other better and you will discover more about your relationship and yourself. It’s new discoveries and great experiences every moment! That’s why a baby means the joy of living as a couple. So, I want to tell you that I hope with all my heart that you will share these moments of happiness and all these experiences with me ; I want to be the favorite aunt/grandma! You can enjoy a moment of relaxation, even if it cries or cannot sleep, I’ll be there. As soon as you need my help, I’ll be there. But also, it should be mentioned that as soon as you have photos too cute to share I want to be the first person to receive! Big kisses and congratulations again!
  • Congratulations on the birth of your little girl / boy! Of my nephew/niece /grandson /granddaughter; Today, start the most beautiful love stories with your child. No more monotonous days, because the life of a child is always made of twists. you will enjoy every moment of happiness that his presence will bring you over the years!

Congratulations for grandparents on the birth of their grandson / granddaughter

  • To become grandparents, what a huge happiness, I know that this child is very lucky because he will be spoiled and cherished as he should be. Congratulations!
  • You will finally be able to play the most rewarding part of your life: cuddling and spoiling your little son / little girl, know how to enjoy every moment!
  • That’s it: you’re grandma and grandpa now! I would have loved to have you for grandparents because I know how amazing you are in this role!

Congratulations by SMS for a Newborn

  • Baby has finally arrived! Our sincere congratulations to the happy parents!
  • Welcome to the little one (first name), best wishes for all three!
  • This little baby will make your life a delight, warm congratulations!
  • Receive all our compliments for this beautiful baby! We are very eager to meet him. Kisses to all three!
  • This new born is so lucky to have these parents!
  • I am sure you will be the most beautiful parents in the world! Congratulations on the birth of this little angel!
  • Welcome to this world to your little (first name)! Your life will be transformed, but you will never stop marveling at you. Congratulations to the whole family!

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